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Summer School

See the HRSB Summer school link (click here)

Some important details are:

 Grades 11 - 12 Mathematics (academic & advanced)  

 Grades 10-12 English

 Cost - $325

 Dates for Registration Monday, June 30th 3:00pm 7:00pm and Wednesday, July 2nd 1:00pm 5:30pm



Grade 10 Math Summer School

 General Information:

 Summer Learning Opportunity for Mathematics 10

         5 week summer learning opportunity

         For a student to be eligible for summer learning they must still be enrolled in the course and have written the NSE 10. There is no mark requirement.

         Summer learning will include all Mathematics 10 content assessed on the NSE 10 all outcomes except two outcomes in the financial mathematics unit that are assessed by project work.

         There will be no cost to students. This learning opportunity is being funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

         The final mark will be calculated from:

  80% from course work during summer

  20% from NSE Mathematics 10 mark from June


 Dates for Summer Learning Opportunity for Mathematics 10 will be the same as summer school. They are as follows:

 July 3rd   August 7th daily from 8:30 1:00 with a 15 minute break.

July 21st midterm

August 4th Natal day Holiday

August 7th Final Assessment

 Registration will be the same as summer school. It will take place at the board offices (33 Spectacle Lake Drive, Dartmouth) on Monday, June 30th from 3pm-7pm and Tuesday, July 2nd from 1pm to 5:30 pm.


 The location for summer learning for mathematics 10  has yet to be determined. Location will be determined based on student enrollment.


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New Course


Open    Fulfills one Tech credit

Prerequisite:  none

Textile Technology 12 combines theory with a hands-on approach to textiles, fashion and fibre arts. It is an exciting course for those interested in art, craft, and fashion; as well as technology and materials science. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to develop advanced skill sets related to textile arts and technologies. Students will develop a portfolio of work and a final textile project to demonstrate their learning in the following areas:

   The evolution of the textile arts from ancient hand wovens to contemporary nanotextiles and conductive fibres; and the impacts of factors such as culture, industry, science and geography.

   Textile development, design and production technologies such as weaving, knitting, felting, dyeing, printing, pattern creation, garment construction, embellishment, applying finishes.

   Characteristics and applications of various textiles, and how to select appropriately for use in fashion/apparel, household, industry, science and technology.

   Creating or adapting textile designs, considering end use, efficiency, economy and the environment.

   Consumer skills for managing a textiles budget.

   Life-work connections and career opportunities related to the textile industry.

If you are creative, interested in fashion, craft, art, design or working with your hands this course would be great for you!



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